The association

The Producers Association, Patata della Sila I.G.P., recognized by D.M. 16/04/2012 in G.U. n. 106 of 08/05/2012, is the only entity appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry to look after the general interests of the I.G.P "Patata della Sila" and to carry out, in particular, the following important functions and activities:
  • protect, promote and endorse the product certified by the European label "Protected Geographical Identification";
  • promote the application of the product specification by all those involved in the control system of the approved organization;
  • contribute to the surveillance and protection of the “Protected Geographical Identification” at every stage of production, processing and marketing;
  • inform the consumer through the knowledge of the quality label "Patata della Sila I.G.P" that guarantees and certifies food safety along with traceability and origin of the product.

Board of directors

Sandro Scrivano President Gualtieri Fiore Vice President Tornello SalvatoreCouncillor Iaccino FrancoCouncillor Tornello GiuseppinaCouncillor Vizza IvanoCouncillor